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Shades Gang

2007-10-11 20:59:48 by LampShadez

Hey people! Whats Up! I am LampShades Introducing the "Shades Gang"!

We're a group of flash animators who all make characters who wear shades.

Now, you may think this is one of those Clock Crew rip offs but NO! This is really, truely, amazing!

We don't spam up the portal like the KK or the TTA or anything like that. We actually want to help

Newgrounds out! :)

Anyways, come on and sign up! Its tons of fun and we already have people packing in. 51 members

for only 5 days is actually really good! We are on our way to becoming an amazing group who WILL


I have some of our many animations in my profile flash submissions so check it out! :)

We welcome anyone new to start us off in being the original OFFICIAL SHADES!

So join us at:



Shades Gang


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2007-10-11 21:08:41

Sounds cool. I fly solo however.

LampShadez responds:

yeah thats nice. frankly my dear, i dont giv a damn


2007-10-12 00:49:21

That's great. 51 users plus a free domain name fing...

Cheesy idea.

To the post before me, I agree. I fly solo.

LampShadez responds:

yeah it is great. so great that i dont have to listen to you. sorry bud


2007-10-12 05:12:39

This Sounds Like A Cheap Infomercial

The Two People Above Might Fly Solo, But I Fly In A Plane

LampShadez responds:

yeah well u kno, i fly with the Shades Gang


2007-10-14 09:57:08

Ya i wanna help ng too

i spammed newgrounds before SG came to now i will make ng a happy place to be.


2007-10-14 15:16:37

You got a nice little crew going. Keep up the good work guys.


2007-10-16 07:04:13

good luck with your group! i liked your animation XP or VISTA it made me LMAO

LampShadez responds:

glad u signed up


2007-10-16 10:00:17

Who is the leader of the shades? i am thinking about joining.

LampShadez responds:

yeah, go ahead and join!


2007-10-21 09:25:27

am i an offical shadez now? i signed up!

LampShadez responds:

dude. everyone that signs up now until the middle of next year automatifcally become OFFICIAL SHADES


2007-10-24 19:28:03

Dude i can't login! why did you get a new site?!?!!?!?!?!

LampShadez responds:

lol. well, tell me y u cannot log in.


2007-10-24 19:28:44

And it says there are only 18 members. that's really wrong.

(Updated ) LampShadez responds:

i know, now it says 79


2007-10-28 21:31:13

oh god.

LampShadez responds:



2007-10-30 22:28:29

im sorry to say, these groups have left some pretty bad impressions on NG.

the CC, the LL, the Glocks or whatever they are, and the KK (especially them)

But, it looks like you have a solid start. it looks like your shaking off the rust, kinda breaking free of those other groups boundaries. in a year or so, you guys will start getting some real recognition, maybe some feature length movies out.

all in all, looking like a good start. due to personal experiance about a year back, i dont do "crew" things, so sorry to say i wont be joining, but best of the luck in the future

LampShadez responds:

thank you goaty....if i can call u that sir.


2007-11-02 17:40:52

Sup LampShadez?


2007-11-02 17:41:42

Oh Yhea, And Billy-Bean (Leader of the tta) says that TTA is dead, he spams no longer

LampShadez responds:

no he hates us.


2007-11-03 00:44:05

Just kidding about the mom thing. haha. But seriously, you guys need better writing if you're to be taken seriously on NG. Perhaps you could employ the skills of a geniunely funny writterto script some dialogue for you.
Think about it.


2007-11-03 20:27:36

I just signed up. Hurrah!


2007-11-10 16:44:41

From Lampshadez:"Now, you may think this is one of those Clock Crew rip offs but NO! This is really, truely, amazing!"

(Updated ) LampShadez responds:

ok whatever. dont believe me. u think i care?


2007-11-12 04:53:08

I like what you guys are about, hopefully, your group gets big and lives long and prosperously

my heart lies with the Clock Crew, but your group has a good message

I wish you success


2010-11-27 12:33:23