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2008 Submissions

[SG]- Madness's drink [SG]- Madness's drink Rated Stars madness has a drink Tall Turtle - Episode 1 Tall Turtle - Episode 1 Rated Stars Tall Turtle Episode 1: Green Paper Comedy - Original Shades Gang & Kitty Krew Shades Gang & Kitty Krew Rated Stars BigFuzzyKitten and LampShades unite to hope their groups will become allies once. SG- My opinion. BYE! SG- My opinion. BYE! Rated Stars Fuck You 7Up Shades! SG - A Dream Come True SG - A Dream Come True Rated Stars My dream has come true finally. The Shades Gang [SG] AKK + Shades Goteyes [SG] AKK + Shades Goteyes Rated Stars We also got eyes. SG]Flash8 and his sprites SG]Flash8 and his sprites Rated Stars Flash8 and his sprites1 SG- 9digit SG- 9digit Rated Stars the shades gang imaginary character is in his first film! ShadesGang - Runescape ShadesGang - Runescape Rated Stars LampShades and TesserectShades apply commentary to the crappy MMORPG, Runescape. Comedy - Parody (SG) Shade Fight3 (SG) Shade Fight3 Rated Stars This is just another episode.... (SG) Shade Fight2 (SG) Shade Fight2 Rated Stars Don't touch my shades! or else... [SG] The Break In [SG] The Break In Rated Stars a short about when lava lamp shades breaks into Mr. Wacom's house [SG] That Was My Wife [SG] That Was My Wife Rated Stars I don't have a house. [SG] All Your Base [SG] All Your Base Rated Stars All your shades r b'long to us. Shades Gang: Lion Sleeps Shades Gang: Lion Sleeps Rated Stars The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Shades Gang STYLE! -SG- KickAss Intro -SG- KickAss Intro Rated Stars A Short, Bloody Intro for the Shades Gang. [SG] Wepinz Store [SG] Wepinz Store Rated Stars GO BUY WEPINZ [SG] 2ND RAVE! [SG] 2ND RAVE! Rated Stars LOL WTF ITS ANOTHER RAVE!! Shades Gang: Short Clip 1 Shades Gang: Short Clip 1 Rated Stars Pizza Shades, Two Star Shades, and Lamp Shades talk. [SG] RAVE!! [SG] RAVE!! Rated Stars RAAAVEEE SG: Strait Outta Compton SG: Strait Outta Compton Rated Stars Shades Gang Strait Outta Compton 2 Versions. SG: Origin of Shades Gang SG: Origin of Shades Gang Rated Stars A Collab to tell you about our origin. It took us FOREVER to do this! Shades Gang: Looong Intro Shades Gang: Looong Intro Rated Stars This is me. Shades Gang: XP or VISTA? Shades Gang: XP or VISTA? Rated Stars Me and PizzaShades on the Shades Gang forums lol this took me a few days so rate nicely :)